Phishing and Deceptive Emails

June 08, 2015 at 12:00 PM

PBW Security Info

Account Security and Identity Theft Protection

Your online security is a priority to us, so we want to remind you to never send your password, pin, debit card number, Social Security number or other personal information through email or text.   

Phishing and Deceptive Emails

Thieves and hackers may send you a fake email or text (called phishing) that appears legitimate, they will then try and trick you into giving private information so they can access your accounts or steal your identity.  

  • Sometimes these emails or texts will try and get you to act quickly, by saying your debit card or bank account will be locked or closed.

PBW Secure Solution - Stop. Resist the impulse to respond or click on something quickly. Phishers want you to respond immediately, instead of calling the bank.

  • These emails or texts may ask you to respond or give you a fake web address link to click on.

PBW Secure Solution - Peoples Bank will not send you any email or text that contain links to log into online banking. Always go directly to the Peoples Bank website from a web browser and then log in. Peoples Bank will never email or text you asking for your personal account information. 

  • These phishing emails may also contain attachments that they want you to open or download.  These attachments may contain a virus or spyware.

PBW Secure Solution - Always go directly to the Peoples Bank website from a web browser and then log in. Only open or download account information after logging into our secure online banking site.

  • The email or text may contain a false phone number that you are asked to call so the thief can get your personal information over the phone.

PBW Secure Solution - Do Not call phone numbers listed in an email or text. Always use the phone number from your statement or on our website.

If you ever receive an email or text asking for your personal account information or if it contains a link for you to login to your online banking - Do Not Proceed. 

Notify the bank by calling 800-518-0443