Debit Card Security Tips

February 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM

PBW Security Info

Debit Cards can be a very convenient way to manage and access your money. However being a proactive about your debit card usage is the most secure way to go. 


  • Have your card ready, held number side to your palm as your approach the ATM. Do Not wait until you have approached the ATM to get your card out.
  • Do Not attempt to use any ATM that has appeared to be altered in anyway. This includes, cameras covered or pointed in an opposite direction and additives such as a card skimmer.
  • Always inform an employee of our financial institution if you are planning on traveling, this will help to eliminate disruptions in your card service.
  • Never keep an unused debit card. If you receive a replacement debit card immediately cut up and discard the old. Keeping a debit card on hand as a back up may seem like a convenient idea, however this will put you in a much more susceptible position.
  • When entering your PIN number always ensure you use your opposite hand to “shield” your code. Periodically changing your pin number will also help to minimize PIN theft.

  • Always carefully review your statement each month. Large fraudulent transactions often start out with a preceding minimal withdraw.
  • Never allow a third party to enter your PIN for you. This seems obvious, but can easily be overlooked when you are feeling rushed.
  • Always store your card in a secure area. Never lead another individual to the whereabouts of your card while it is in your purse or wallet. Also storing your card in an inner most pouch of your wallet will help to deter theft.


Peoples Bank places security first, so if you are unsure about the security of the wireless connection you are using to login to our online banking, please !STOP! Make sure you know which "available wireless connections" that show up on your device, are the right connections. Please stop in or contact us if you have any questions.